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It’s not hard to draw a parallel between the thrill of a rodeo and the excitement of surfing. Whether you’re on the back of a bucking bronco or carving the barrel of an unpredictable wave, adrenaline is pumping, and your limits are being tested. SaltWater Riders unique clothing line is for those whose passion is found in both.

A Love For Both Surfing And RodeoingMerge Perfectly In Our Original Lifestyle Apparel

Our clothing line began as a natural infusion of the surfing and western riding lifestyles that resonates with an enthusiastic community, one always searching for that next wave, or that next ride.

If we had the opportunity, we’d start each morning on a salty beach, riding waves and enjoying the emotional byproducts of doing so – endorphins, dopamine, euphoria, even bliss. What better way to set the mood for your day?

Then we’d head to the ranch, to look after our horses and cattle. Evenings would find us at the rodeo where excitement buzzes in the air. There, we’d swap our surfboards for belt buckles, and ride with others who have the same enthusiasm and love for adventure.

Our Clothing Line Is For Those Who Understand What It Means To Be ASaltWater Rider

Today, SaltWater Riders apparel boasts totally original artwork that expresses the integration of western and saltwater living. Our hats, hoodies, shirts, and art all capture the mindset and attitude that unites the SaltWater Rider community.

About the Owners:Tom and Allison Carter

Tom and Allison were fortunate enough to grow up at the beach. They also made it a point to raise their wonderful kids near the beach in Dana Point, CA. Both Tom and Allison have always been drawn to the water but found they had a mutual love and desire for the country life. They quickly realized that there are many people with these same interests, and they wanted to find a way to connect. From this desire, SaltWater Riders was born.

Tom and Allison incorporate their passion and their collective stories into each rodeo and surf event they participate in. This allows them to share the SaltWater Riders lifestyle with everyone they meet. That means so much more than selling merchandise…it’s a sense of community and family. But for Tom and Allison, the SaltWater Riders lifestyle is ultimately about appreciating and respecting God's beauty in all of its totality - the sand, sun, ocean, mountains, meadows, and ranch life.


“To serve, not to be served.” These are words Tom Carter lives by. His passion for helping others evolved naturally into a 25-year career as a firefighter. Since his retirement in 2014, he enjoys golfing, exercising, and woodworking. Tom’s favorite moments are found early mornings at the beach, on the water, and simply enjoying the tranquility and peacefulness of nature.


As a cosmetologist for 35 years, Allison knows the importance of developing lasting client relationships. Her position allowed her to provide a valuable service to many people - helping them discover their unique beauty and gain personal confidence. Since retiring from cosmetology, Allison enjoys acrylic canvas painting and fashion design.

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